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    Descripition of Responsibilities of various units


    Units Responsibilities
    Disaster Prevention
    Programming of disaster prevention; planning, execution, research and consultation of examination of fire extinguishing equipment; handling violations of fire control regulations; protection against fire, water, wind, earthquake and chemical disasters; safety management inspection of various hazardous articles; management, organization and training of fire-prevention managers.
    Emergency and 
    Rescue Division
    Directing the emergency system, and various emergent rescue plans; management of water sources for fire protection; guidance and assessment of emergency rescue work; making emergent disaster contingency plans; and organization, training, usage and management of volunteer fire protection personnel, etc.
    Fire Investigation
    Investigating, identifying, gathering statistics and analyzing the causes of fire disasters; issuance of fire certificates.
    Training and
    Education Division
    Responsible for regular training, combined training, diving training, rescue training, continued education & training of fire-fighting personnel, academic publicity of fire protection knowledge, R&D, psychological counseling, and professional training for fire protection substitute service.
    Emergency and Rescue
    Command Center
    Planning, command, dispatching, control, coordination, and liaison of fire protection affairs; management of 119 case reports; information services; gathering statistics of the achievements in various disaster rescues and civil services.
    Secretariat Research, development and evaluation; documentation; cashier; general affairs management; property management; construction of offices; communication; supply, procurement, maintenance repair management of fire-fighting vehicles, boats and other apparatus; confidential documentation; public relation, regulations, official
    seal and other affairs not falling within the responsibilities of other divisions, 
    offices and centers.
    Accounting Offices Responsible for auditing, accounting and statistic affairs in accordance with laws.
    Civil Service
    Ethics Office
    Attending to civil service ethical cases and making investigation and implement punishment.
    Personnel Office Organization of offices; personnel appointment and transfer; efficiency evaluation and rewards/punishments; retirement, compensation, insurance and employee benefits, etc.
    Southern District Emergency and Rescue Corps Responsible for execution of rescue and emergency care of various disasters inside the district.
    Northern District Emergency and Rescue Corps Responsible for execution of rescue and emergency care of various disasters 
    inside the district.