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Autonomous Bylaws

    Autonomous Bylaws

    Article . 01

    These Bylaws (the Bylaws) have been incorporated pursuant to Article 15 of Fire Act (the Act).

    Article . 02

    Kaosiung City Autonomous Bylaws of Fireworks Launching Control is applicable to these Bylaws besides other bylaws in National Laws. Title of the Agency is Fire Bureau, Kaosiung City.

    Article . 03

    Fireworks launching should get a permit from government agencies.

    Article . 04

    Forbidden Zone :
    1. Petroleum Refineries
    2. Gas Stations
    3. Petroleum Tanks
    4. Ammunition Depots
    5. Flammable Gas Tanks
    6. Public Hazardous Substances & Flammable Pressurized Gases manufactories
    7. Other prohibited areas

    Article . 05

    Fireworks Launching is allowed during the Chinese New Year or special holidays without permit except the following types of fireworks.
    1. High Elevation type
    2. Souring type
    3. Flying type
    4. Spark type
    5. Explosion sound type
    6. Smoke type
    7. Throwing type
    8. Other prohibited types

    Article . 06

    Flying Type of fireworks should launch vertically.

    Article . 07

    Applicants should supply required documents including purpose time, location, amount, type and safety protection 5 days before launching. High elevation fireworks should place in certified storage.

    Article . 08

    7 Articles, as amended, published on July 1 ,2005