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Privacy Policy & Security Policy

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    Dear friends, welcome to the "Kaohsiung City Government Fire Bureau", in order to allow you to use the information and information on this site, please read the privacy policy.

    First, the scope of application of privacy protection policy Privacy policy content, including how this site handles the collection, use and protection of personal data involved in the personally identifiable information and services provided when you use the web service. Privacy policy does not apply to links to websites other than this site, nor does it apply to persons who are entrusted or engaged in the management of this website.

    Second, the collection and use of information This site will retain your name, email address, contact information and use time when you use the interactive features such as service mailboxes and surveys. This site does not collect any personally identifiable information when browsing and archiving this site. This website will never disclose your personal information to third parties or for other purposes other than those used for collection purposes, unless specifically agreed by you or other laws and regulations.

    Third, the protection of information The website hosts are equipped with firewall, anti-virus system and other related information security equipment and the necessary security measures to protect the site and your personal information. Use strict protection measures only by authorized personnel to access your personal information. If it is necessary to entrust the relevant unit to provide the service due to the business needs, the website will also strictly require its compliance with the obligation of confidentiality and take the necessary inspection procedures to determine that it will comply.

    Fourth, the site related to the external link The website of this website provides links to other websites. You can also click on the links provided by this website to click on other websites. But the link does not apply to the privacy policy of this site, you must refer to the privacy policy in the link site.

    Fifth, Amendments to the Privacy Policy The privacy policy of this website will be amended at any time in response to the needs of the site will be posted on the notice to inform you related matters.

    If you have any questions regarding the privacy protection of the Kaohsiung City Fire Bureau, please do not hesitate to contact us.