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The Approach Strategy

    Main Approach

    2017 Annual Administrative Plan of Kaohsiung City Fire Bureau
    Promotion of Fire Prevention:

    Based on the annual administrative plan and major points of the Kaohsiung City Government, and considering the actual needs of annual development as well as fitting the budget, the Department has made an annual administrative plan for the year 2017.  The major points and administrative goals are as follows:
    * The various fire branches of Fire Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government appoint their firefighters to different institutions, schools, buildings, factories and residences around the city to promote safe methods of power usage and offer drills for evacuation and escape. A Women¡¦s Fire Prevention Promotion Team has been established to go deep into the community to implement such promotion, hoping to raise citizens¡¦ awareness of fire prevention and decrease the number of fire cases.

    * During several focal periods of every year, including Fire Fighter¡¦s Day, Chinese New Year, Lantern Festival, Tomb Sweeping Festival, and Dragon Boat Festival, different bureaus and departments of the city government cooperate with social welfare organizations to expand promotional activities of fire and disaster prevention.

    * In order to reduce the frequency of electrical fire accidents and strengthen the guidance of safe power use for families, the city government takes measures of fire prevention diagnosis of residences and focuses on promotion for old community buildings.

    * In order to strengthen education of disaster prevention, Fire Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government has established a Disaster Prevention Promotion Classroom, which is open to the public so they can experience simulated situations. The classroom serves to solidify disaster prevention education for young children.

    * In order to prevent the senior and the disabled from being killed in fire for ineffective evacuation, Fire Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government put more emphases on guiding the senior and the weak about Concepts of Household Fire Safety, so as to construction a safe living environment.

    * In order to educate proprietors in the concept of ¡§protecting your own property¡¨ and to achieve the objective of ¡§protecting lives and property¡¨, the city implemented the ¡§Fire Prevention Management System¡¨ for public buildings in 1996.

    * According to Article 13 of the Fire Services Act , public buildings in Kaohsiung City having reached a certain size should implement a fire prevention plan and form an Employee Self-defense Fire Prevention Team to receive fire prevention training. This is of great help to the fire prevention work in Kaohsiung City.

    * Fire prevention drills and lectures are offered to all Control Room employees of high rise office buildings in order to enhance their disaster prevention and contingency abilities.

    * According to the regulations of the Fire Services Act, drills and certification are offered to the Self-defense Fire Prevention Teams at ¡§large-area places (larger than 3,000m2), ¡§multipurpose tall condominiums¡¨, ¡§welfare institutions for the elderly and the physically and mentally disabled¡¨, and ¡§hotels and hostels .¡¨

    * According to Article 10 of the Fire Services Act,After receiving the construction license and before the commencement of construction, public buildings should apply to Fire Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government for the examination of the layout of fire safety equipment. According to Article 72 of the Building Act ,after the completion of construction, these buildings should apply for the usage license inspection of fire safety equipment.

    * Reporting System on Regular Inspection and Maintenance of Fire Safety Equipment:According to Article 9 of the Fire Services Act, for sites that should be equipped with fire safety equipment, management should regularly appoint professional fire prevention technicians or professional inspection and maintenance institutions to implement the inspection and maintenance of fire safety equipment, and then submit the inspection and maintenance results to the Fire Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government within a specified time. Subsequently, the Fire Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government shall send its official to review the service results: to ensure normal functioning of the fire safety equipment.

    *  In order to prevent the ignition of fire sources and any fire spreading, buildings with over 11 stories above the ground floor, buildings with basements, and other sites designated by the authorities must comply with the regulations. Curtains, cloth screens, and carpets to be hung or spread must be made of ¡§flame retardant material¡¨ with appropriate signs attached in order to practically fulfill the fire prevention policies, decrease the loss of human life and property, and ensure public safety.

    * In order to manage storage of liquid gas canisters and hazardous material, public safety, and prevent the occurrence of disasters, the Fire Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government has formulated ¡§Fire Prevention and Safety Inspection Plan of Hazardous Material Factories by Fire Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government¡¨ and ¡¨ Strengthen the Supervision and Inspection plan of Liquid-gas-related places by Fire Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government¡K¡¨. Liquid-gas-related businesses and sites of hazardous material violating the ¡§Public Hazardous Materials and Flammable Pressurized Gases Establishment Standards and Safety Control Regulations¡¨ will be fined from NT$20,000 to NT$100,000 according to Article 42 of the Fire Services Act for the sake of public safety maintenance.

    * The use of firecrackers and fireworks is integrated in Taiwan¡¦s history and is particularly popular during traditional festivals and celebrations. In order to effectively manage firecrackers and fireworks, the Fire Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government has formulated ¡§Regulations for Private Use of Firecrackers and Fireworks¡¨ and ¡§Application Process for Public Use of Firecrackers and Fireworks¡¨. These were implemented on July 1, 2005, stipulating the times, places, types, and approved methods of shooting of firecrackers and fireworks to ensure the safe usage of firecrackers and fireworks.

    * For those who have violated the Fire Services Act, Article 6, Item 1, Subsections 9, 11, 12, 13 and 15, the Fire Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government will declare the fine and supervise managers of the sites involved to make improvements as soon as possible according to ¡§Regulations for Handling Fire Safety Violation Cases and Inspection¡¨ ensuring public safety.