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    I.Introduction of 119, Fire Bureau
         In order to provide timely service to the public, every local fire fighting administratio has a 24-hours emergency and rescue command centre(also known as 119) to answer the call of public, command, and dispatch control for emergencies.  Wherever you dial 119, the system will automatically counnect you to the nearest fire fighting administration and to provide you with the most appropriate help.  When encountering major or complex disasters, such as casualties caused by earthquake, traffic accident, or plane crash, the 119 duty officers will also seek the assistance from the related authorities of central agencies.  As soon as 119 is informed of the case, the Bureau will mobilize its personnel immediately for rescue, get control of the damage, inform the relevant authorities, and integrate the resources from different bureaus in order to minimize the damage. 

    II.Free Emergency Medical Services
         It is government's responsibility to protect its people's life and properties.It is free for all the emergency medical services from the incident scene to the nearest hospital except non-emergency patients and designate hospitals.